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Our Family has always thought of food as an art, a way of life.

Oronzo Bavaro standing next to his delivery truck Oronzo Bavaro, 1950

At Oronzo, You Could Say Food Runs in the Family

My grandparents immigrated from Italy in 1939 with a handful of family recipes and a big dream. At Oronzo, we carry on that dream and made it a modern-day reality by changing the way we enjoy Italian food. But like accomplishing most dreams, it hasn’t come easy.

In 2009, I moved my family of seven to a 900 sq. ft. apartment in Tampa to open my first Bavaro’s restaurant. I worked that beautiful, imported, wood-fired brick oven every day for seven years. If I learned anything from my grandfather, it’s that hard work pays off. Today, I own and operate four Bavaro’s, located in Downtown Tampa, Downtown St. Petersburg, Sarasota, and at the Tampa International Airport. Bavaro’s gourmet, house-recipe sauces are sold in major retailers throughout the state of Florida.

Never satisfied and always innovating, I sought out to build a fast-casual restaurant that brought in those fresh family flavors and tried-and-true Bavaro’s flair. With my grandfather’s name spearheading our mission, Oronzo was born in Spring of 2020.

There’s no checkered tablecloths or Sinatra playing, just an honest passion for fresh-made fare in a contemporary space.

Welcome to the family. Let’s eat!

Dan Bavaro

Dan Bavaro

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